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Bradley Page

Cinematographer - Writer

Brad, as his friends call him, started collaborating with D.C. in October 2017. In January 2019 the started an ambitious project to make a short movie. 

In the beginning, no parts were set. Nobody had any idea what they were doing, except D.C. was the Director. 

Brad started looking at D.C.'s storyboards for the One Eyed Dog and found it very easy and creative to try and figure out how to get the shots in real life. That's when his love of cinematography began. He began reading everything he could find on the subject and putting the ideas he found into practical use during the filming.

Writing also became a favorite of his. When they had downtime from The One Eyed Dog he would write scripts for another idea they had for a web series called Welcome To Tucson. He also found himself just writing, nothing in particular, just to write.


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