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D. Claire Parsons

D. Claire Parsons
Director - Writer
David Claire Parsons was born in Sioux City, Iowa; March 7, 1985 (the same day "we are the world, we are the people" was recorded.) Son of Donald and Denise Parsons the youngest of 4 (2 sisters/ brother).
As a child, he struggled with severe abuse and alcoholic parents. Repeatedly alienated from figures of authority. He became emotionally devoid and introverted alone with the television.
At 18 Parsons fled his childhood home. Graduated from high school early and moved to Iowa City. He paid form himself and his brother to share an apartment. While his brother carried on his parents alcoholism frequently antagonizing physical violence, he studied philosophy.
Amongst his work. He decided to test social norms (much inspired by Thoreau) bought a truck, and moved into it.
Winter settled in, and the truck was no longer a viable option. He decided to move out to Italy.
While in Italy, he experienced his first nervous breakdown. After being solicited for sex at the southern most Italian town of Leche. He decided to head back to the States.
After a brief stint with his sister and brother in law. He returned to Iowa. He spent the night at a Wal-Mart, and went back to Iowa City.
Attended University of Iowa, where he tried to articulate a para-dimensional style of painting, which lead to his second Nervous Breakdown.
After this Alcoholism took over. He spent 2 years working minimum wage factory jobs to support his own personal party.
Eventually he met Seoyeong Gupton. A married woman about to attend Grad School at The University of Arizona.
While attending the University of Arizona. He experienced his first controversy. While publishing comics in the school paper. One of his comics, created a giant controversy, with what is now known as The Fruit Roll-up joke. However much he apologized fell on deaf ears. And from then on He decided never to apologize for his story, and what happened to him.
After graduating from the University of Arizona with his degree in painting. He decided to return to Iowa to spend some time with his family. This turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life.
After moving back. The property values turned out to have reached impossibly high living cost. After being turned away from the rest of his family, he had no choice but for he and his then 6 year fiance to stay with his brother.
He didn't realize at the time was his brother then proceeded to get her drunk at take advantage of her. The mother was encouraging the brother while DC himself was being pushed into the gutter.
The situation climaxed with DC breaking into his brothers apartment to cause property damage. Note -Second time he made national headlines. The famous CNN article lied, stating it was the girlfriends apt. But it was the brother.
DC spent a month and a half in jail.
The two still carried on the affair. After being totally betrayed he moved back to Arizona, where he suffered a complete mental breakdown.
After 2-3 years of homeless alcoholic struggle. He was eventually able to discover sobriety.
After a year of solid employment/living. Production began on his first short film The One Eyed Dog. Using his visual intellect and his writing from 10 years of stand-up, he was able to finish the film- Oct 13, 2019.
D. Claire Parsons is currently living in Tucson AZ, with his Angil and Oemi. He is looking forward to premiering the film, and talking to people about making more productions.

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