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This Sci-Fi/Horror/Comedy sets out to take the best of B rated movies and bring them to life in Tucson, Arizona.

For some unknown reason, strange events happen in Tucson all the time but the residence don’t take notice, it’s just another day in paradise to them. Det. Mitchell has been living in Tucson for years after moving there from Chicago. To her, the weird things are weird and not normal. So she takes it upon herself to at least keep people from dying and solving strange mysteries as she goes.

D.C. shows up to write a best seller based on the strange rumors he has heard about Tucson, he has a run in with Det. Mitchell who quickly realizes that he also has the ability to realize that the strange stuff is strange, and not normal everyday occurrences like all the citizens of Tucson think.

Together they embark on sorting out the weird and strange and start to discover things go a lot deeper than they ever expected.

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